Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tom and Jerry's Merry Christmas

Day Six
Tom and Jerry's Merry Christmas
Copyright 1954
Ninth Printing, 1973

This starts out the way all Tom  and Jerry escapades start, they are trying to outsmart each other.
Jerry wanted to get some goodies from the kitchen and the Christmas tree for Christmas morning.
But, Tom was standing guard outside the mousehole. Jerry had his little friend, Tuffy, create a distraction while he filled a pillowcase with candy, nuts and stuffed dates. Crash-splash! Jerry knocked a bowl filled with cranberry sauce to the floor. Tom came running, but Jerry escaped into the mousehole with his goodies.
During the night, Tuffy tiptoed to the Christmas tree and got a little drum for Jerry. Then, Jerry tiptoed out and got a little horn from the tree for Tuffy.

Before he returned to his mousehole, he saw Tom sneak and shove a beautiful mouse-sized tree, all trimmed with bits of popcorn and tasty cheese, and tiny candy beads, into the mousehole. He heard Tom murmur, "oh well, Christmas comes but once a year - "

Later, Jerry tied a red ribbon around a can of sardines and propped it against Tom's bowl, it made a most wonderful present!

The book ends with Tom Cat, Jerry and Tuffy grinning from ear to ear, playing and singing in harmony:
"A very merry Christmas to ALL!"

The story tells us all that if Tom and Jerry can be friends, anyone can.

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. Tom and Jerry's Merry Christmas sounds like a really sweet children's story. I'm so glad you are enjoying these books. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. I love to read children's books and look at the beautiful illustrations, too.

  2. Awww, I bet kids love this.. I know I would.. Hope you get to feeling better on your antibiotics.. I've had teeth worked on as well and been so sick this whole week..Thank you for the comment on mine..

  3. Sweet! I'll be on the lookout for this one. I don't have it. :)

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  5. Very sweet! I'm already automatically happy when I see the tell-tale binding of the Little Golden Books.

    Came by to see how you did with PiBoldMo.

    Shannon at Writing From the Peak

  6. Hi Shannon, I got my 30 ideas for PiBoIdMo!

  7. Tom and Jerry bring back memories of when my boys were little, many years ago.


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