Saturday, October 27, 2018

Halloweensie Post


Halloweensie Post

I've entered Susanna Leonard Hill's 8th Annual  HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST!
Everyone participating writes  a 100 word or less Halloween Story that includes the words shiver, cauldron and howl!

 Below are my two entries: The first one is exactly 100 words and the second one is 88 words.

The Halloween Night Talent Show

 “Let the Halloween talent show begin!” howled Walter Werewolf.

Barney Bat swung on the trapeze.

Marvin Mummy moonwalked.

Shivery Skeleton played Monster Mash on his ribs.

“Piff! Poof!” Wendola Witch created candy in her cauldron.

 “How can I win?” said Gabby Ghost. “All I do is juggle.”

He grabbed his six tiny pumpkins and floated toward center stage.

Wendola Witch stuck out her skinny shoe.

Gabby tripped.

Gabby flipped.

Gabby spun all about and landed in the candy-filled cauldron.

Sweet Goodies flew into everyone’s bags.

“Happy Halloween!” shouted Gabby.

His six tiny pumpkins fell and stacked on Wendola’s pointy hat. 


Happy Howl-oween!

Scary ghosts, wicked werewolfs,
vampires and creatures
Burst forth onto the sidewalks
wearing bright sneakers.

Little monsters rush about
Chanting, “Trick or treat!”
Mothers give from a cauldron,
Candies, sour and sweet.

Goblins gather, monsters march
On this spooky night.
Mummies shiver, cold winds howl,
Wild witches take flight.

Furry bats fly, spooks collide
Through the haunted house.
“Sit a spell and sip some brew,”
Squeaks the tiny mouse.

“Happy Howl-oween!” spooks shout,
as the moon shines bright.
“We’ll be back again next year
On this frightful night.”

Well, there they are. 
Wish me luck. 
She has great prizes to give away to the winners. Go here and check out the other entries.

Happy Halloweensie everyone!