Fun Through the Seasons
Recipes, Crafts and Fun Facts for Kids
Janet F. Smart
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It is over 150 pages of my Fun Facts for Kids column in Two-Lane Livin' Magazine. I've divided the book up into months of the year, added a few extra poems, recipes and stories and voila - a book your child will love and learn many fun facts along the way. I've put in challenges for the kids, including: making a genealogy family tree and time capsule, keeping a diary of a tree's life, writing a silly rhyming poem in honor of Dr. Seuss, writing a tongue twister, feeding the birds, studying snowflakes, and developing a hobby or collection. They will also learn how to make 'whop donuts!' There's something in the book for all ages of kids - even their parents. Little ones will enjoy having stories read to them and helping their parents with the recipes. 

A great gift for a child who loves to read, learn and have fun while doing it.

Fun Through The Seasons!: Recipes, Crafts and Fun Facts for Kids

I have a story titled, The Old Santa Hat, in the following anthology.
It was published in the fall of 2009.

It can be purchased at

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Sections include: A B Cs of Writing,  Specific Words, Find Button, Tips on Writing ABC Books, Tips on Writing Articles, Prompts, What If's, Sites for Writers, Last, but not least - Helpful Tidbits