Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Animals' Christmas Eve

Day Five
The Animals' Christmas Eve
by Gale Wiersum
Illustrated by Jim Robison

This is a cute rhyming book about the animals in the barn on Christmas Eve.

And. . . it is a counting book, which I didn't notice right away when I read it.

The animals, in voices low,
Remember Christmas long ago.

The book starts with . . .
One small  hen, upon her nest,
Softly clucks to all the rest:


Five gray donkeys speak with pride,
Remembering one who gave a ride:


Twelve chimes ring out from far away -
the lovely bells of Christmas Day.
And every beast bows  low its head
For one small  babe in a manger bed.

It is a sweet story about animals and the birth of Jesus long ago.
Have you ever heard about the miracle of the barn animals speaking at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve?

I hope you are enjoying my posts about Christmas picture books! 

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. I love this book! We have several like this, plus a few videos that are kind of like it in nature. :)

  2. The book looks adorable. I love animals and most kids do too. Perfect for the season.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book that children would love. I like rhyming children's books and I like animals, too. Sounds like a great book for children to celebrate Christmas.
    Now I want to check out some children's books at the library and read those, too.


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