Friday, February 5, 2016

Writing Tips

I have ONE writing tip.

Get out those writing tips and re-read them!

If you are like me, you have printed numerous pages of writing tips. Or, you have numerous  books on writing.

But, how long has it been since you got out those tips and read them again or got out those books and refreshed your memory on the tips and info they gave you?

I have been organizing my writing space. I don't have a room devoted to my writing (wish I did), but I mainly use our family room for my writing.

I have rearranged my family room. I have went through and organized my three bookcases. I have gotten rid of a bunch of books (took them to the thrift store or my writing group). I have rearranged the books I have left and grouped them according to what they are about.

And, I switched out my dad's old trunk with another bookcase I had in an adjoining room. Now I have all four bookcases in one room.

The above are my reference books. I write articles for kids and these books are filled with helpful ideas and info. 

These are my writing books - how-to books, dictionaries, thesauruses, etc.
Here is my tray of folders filled with info - writing tips, publishers, submissions, etc.

What I am saying to do in this blog post is to use your info you have gathered down through the years.

Get out those tips and refresh your brain.
Get out those books and refresh your brain.
Have them organized so they are easy to find and get to.

Then do what you love - write!


  1. Great reminder to refresh and spark an idea. You should see my desk mess.

  2. This is an excellent reminder. We are about to move and all my books are packed. I am really looking forward to setting up my new office and getting things just the way I want them.

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  4. Yes! I have just gone through my piles of printed out notes. Thank you.

  5. You seem to be well-organized!


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