Friday, August 30, 2013

Using Create Space

I have been working on a book for children that includes my articles I've published in Two-Lane Livin' magazine.

I am separating it by months instead of chapters.

Each month starts with a poem and has articles, easy recipes and crafts and sometimes a story, depending on what I had written about that particular month.

It is coming right along. I want to publish it with Create Space. At the moment Create  Space is very confusing to me. I am hoping to figure it all out.

I am including clip art and I finally figured out how to make all the clip art be 300 DPI, which is what they want for all pics. That is one obstacle out of the way!

I downloaded Gimp, which is free. I went to this short tutorial on You Tube and found out how to convert pictures to 300 DPI. It is very easy! If I can figure it out, anyone can.

Have any of you used Create Space to publish your manuscripts?

Thanks for any input, suggestions or helpful hints on using their site.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Organized

"Hoo-boy," as my favorite character in A Year Down Yonder says, I am getting organized!

I moved my computer desk from the kitchen to the room next door that used to be our laundry room.

My so-called computer desk is actually a 24" x 40" enamel top table from the old days. It has a small drawer with a crystal  knob where I can store this and that.

I have two pictures hanging on the wall in front of me to inspire my imagination . . .

a fold-out display board that I can attach picture book pages to and use as a picture book dummy board . . .

now empty, but I have sectioned off 32 grids
 to place pages of my PB manuscripts on.

and a place where I can file my folders.

I am making a folder for each of my main manuscripts, an ideas folder, a writing tips folder (which is way too crowded and needs to be sub-divided), contest folder, publishers folder, etc.

I am hoping this will help me be more productive. While moving out here to my new room, I discovered so much forgotten stuff in my piles of paper, books and notebooks.
I also hope to start blogging on a regular schedule.

Do you have any organizational tips to share with us?

I leave you today with a favorite quote:

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." Anton Chekhov

Happy Writing!

Posted by Janet F Smart   on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Lovers Day

Today is Book Lovers Day!      

So nice that books have their own day.

I love books. My house is overrun with books.

Old school books, vintage Little Golden Books,  history books, how-to books, cookbooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, novels, picture books, middle grade books, chapter books, early readers, etc.

As you can see, I am not very particular.

Last year, I made a Christmas tree out of books. Go here to see it.

Right now I am  reading a middle grade book called The Lemonade Wars by Jacqueline Davies.

What are you currently reading?

Posted by Janet Smart  on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.