Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rediscover Reading Rainbow

I loved Reading Rainbow. I used to watch it with my kids.

You can go here to see a listing of all the books that were on Reading Rainbow.

I searched a lot of places on the web and found a place, called VIMEO,  where you can go view the episodes - for free!

I've skimmed through a few of them, it brings back memories. I wish Reading Rainbow was still on television. 

How about you, did your kids enjoy it?

Also, I belong to CBI Clubhouse, which is a really good place for children's writers. I just received an email from them saying the rates are going up at the end of this week. So, if you have been kicking around the idea of  subscribing, now would be the time.

You also get a few freebies when you join.

An ebook titled I Wish Someone Had Told Me That!
How to Self Publish Your Book for Amazon Kindle - A step-by-step course and action guide to create and sell your book on amazon. Includes worksheets, instruction guide and free sources for creating and converting your book!
Facebook: The Essential Guide

I'm going to go check out these freebies too.
I have a click to their site on my sidebar, if you want to go look around CBI Clubhouse.

Also, if you want to see the list of books aired on Reading Rainbow, don't forget to check out the link above and if you have a little time, go look at some of the videos. You'll enjoy them!

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  1. My girls loved that show so much! I always enjoyed watching it with them. They need more shows on television that encourages children to read. Most I see these days have their eyes zoomed in on their phone screens~they're missing so much!

  2. My girls used to watch it and enjoyed it. All of my kids have done the Book-It program too. :)

  3. My kids did watch it a bit, but I don't think I ever watched it with them. Knowing me, I probably used that time to load laundry or start cooking dinner.


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