Friday, March 8, 2013

PPBF - Outside the Window

OUTSIDE THE WINDOW by Anna Egan Smucker, illustrated by Stacey Schuett (2005 Softcover, 25 pages. Sweet and Gentle Bedtime Story From a Bird's Eye View with Beautiful Illustrations Throughout. Quarrier Press, West Virginia) 

Outside the Window
by Anna Egan Smucker
Illustrated by Stacey Schuett
 Alfred A. Knopf

Theme: Animals, good night book
Age group: preschool - 2nd

Opening Lines:  On a strong leafy branch outside the bedroom window of a little boy, there is a nest. In that nest live a mother bird and her five baby birds. The biggest one loves to eat. The medium-sied one loves to play. The cleanest one loves to take baths.  The chirpiest one loves to hear stories. And the tiniest one is always sleepy. But they are all very curious about the little boy who lives in the house that their nest in the maple tree can almost touch.

Synopsis: This is a cute book with a twist. The birds watch the boy and are constantly asking their mother what the little boy is doing. They want to know if he is playing or what he eats. They want to know if the mother is reading to him yet or if he is asleep. They are full of questions just like inquisitive little kids. When the boy finally goes to sleep, the little birds close their sleepy eyes.

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This was Anna Smucker's second picture book. I think you will like it. I like it because it is about baby birds and their illustrations are beautiful. I also like reading books from fellow West Virginians.

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 Posted by Janet F. Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. Happy International Women's Day, Janet!

  2. Another unique way of looking at the world. It reminds me of the bottle nest I have outside my kitchen window. I'm trying to think of a story based on the sparrows I see flying in and out of it!

  3. This reminds me that even though it's snowing outside (yes, yuk!) spring is around the corner.

  4. I love the twist--the birds wondering about the boy. Often I wonder what animals think about us. :-)

  5. Janet, I like the different viewpoint for kids. Very unique and fun bedtime story.

  6. This book sounds so fun! I love the twist! Sounds like a cute book. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. With the dark cover and the title, I thought at first it was a horror book.

  8. Great way to share how every story has different points of view! Unique twist!

  9. We'll put this on our list. Sounds very unique.

  10. What a sweet book! I'd love to read it to my little granddaughter.

  11. I'll have to check out this book for its unique viewpoint. Very clever.

  12. Susie,
    This is a real sweet story about the birds and the little boy. OUTSIDE THE WINDOW sounds like a very good book. I love the story about the birds watching the little boy. I know children would love this picture book.


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