Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas

Day Eleven
The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas
By Justine Korman
Illustrations by Jean Chandler


Don't you just love Poky Little Puppy? 

This is a book about his first Christmas with his siblings, Polly, Penny, Pickles and Pat.

As usual, he is poky when the family goes out to chop down a Christmas tree. 

Poor Poky tumble-stumbled, slipped, and slid down a deep, dark hole! "Help! Help!" he cried. Wouldn't someone come to help him out of the slippery, slidy hole? 

A skunk named Herman helps him and they have an adventurous day. On the way home, he finds an old red boot, but his mother won't let him take the dirty boot into the house.
The family and puppies prepare for Christmas and then go to bed. On Christmas morning they raced to the tree to find their presents. Poky finds the old red boot, all clean and shiny!
When playing outside, he finds his friend, Herman. Herman doesn't have anywhere to sleep, since his log home was destroyed by the falling fir tree. He sleeps with Poky in the doghouse that night. The next morning, Poky rises before anyone else and runs to the edge of the woods.

Poky saw his family and called, "Come and look! Look at Herman's new home!"
"Why, it's your boot!" Poky's mother exclaimed.

Poky learned that the best gifts are the ones you give.

A wonderful, cute story to read to your children or grandchildren.

I just won a Christmas picture book titled, A Christmas Goodnight, illustrated by Sarah Jane Wright. It will be signed by Sarah. I will blog about this book after I receive it. I am so excited!

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  1. My favorite book, The Pokey Little Puppy. Will buy this book for my granddaughter. Come back tomorrow to read what she did today. OMG!

  2. Love this story! I admire your collection of little golden books. Every once in a while I'll find one at the Goodwill. I wish I had saved all the ones my children had while growing up.

  3. WE HAVE THIS ONE! It is soooooo special. We all love Pokey in this house. The best gifts are the ones you give. AMEN!! :-)


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