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The Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Tree

Day Eight
The Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Tree
Story and pictures by Amye Rosenberg
Copyright 1985

Nestled deep in a thick forest there was a great fir tree. Mr. and Mrs. Fieldmouse, Old Gray Acorn, the squirrel, and the Chipmunk family-Mom, Dad, Little Nina and Nutley lived snug inside the tree.

 Life in the fir tree was happy all year round, except at Christmas time. The animals were sad because Santa never came.

This year the children were sadder than ever, so Mom and Dad Chipmunk invited their favorite aunt, Mim. She arrived with a big sack and a big smile, but the children were not cheerful.

"Why are you so glum?"
Little Nina sadly explained. "Every year we bake cookies," she said. "We hang our stockings. We wait for Santa. But he never comes." 
"We think he doesn't like us," sniffled Nutley.
"Nonsense!" declared Aunt Mim, who was very wise. "He probably doesn't even know you are here, tucked away in this huge tree.

So,  what did they do? Aunt Mim emptied her big bag that was full of red ribbon, gold foil, balloons, berries and bells that jingled. They decorated the tree and Dad's gold star was placed on top.  

It glowed in the moonlight.
"Santa will surely find you now!" Aunt Mim said with a laugh.

And he did. 
Thanks to her.  Santa would always find the animal's tiny homes in the biggest, most beautiful Christmas tree in the world.

This is a sweet story with beautiful illustrations. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into it.

Posted by Janet F.  Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch


  1. I love this one. The illustrations are so adorable!

  2. I love picture books about Christmas. They really put me in the holiday mood.


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