Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pooh - The Sweetest Christmas

Day Fifteen
Pooh - The Sweetest Christmas
by Ann Braybrooks
Illustrated by Josie Yee

Another Pooh Bear Picture Book! I love Pooh Bear.

One Christmas Eve,  Pooh stood at the window, staring out at the falling snow.
"Oh, brother!" he muttered. "Now I can't go outside to find presents for my friends."

He searched his house for something to give to his friends.
But he had eight friends and he couldn't find eight of anything. That is, until he opened his cabinet and found eight pots of honey.

Pooh thought and thought. Finally he declared, "I do want to give my friends something wonderful. So honey it must be."

He loaded the pots of honey onto his sled and headed for his friends' houses.
They each gave him a present in return.

On the way he ran into Christopher Robin. "I'm delivering Christmas presents to my friends," Pooh told him, "but I had to use up all of my honey."

Christopher Robin had an idea. When Pooh was making his last delivery, Christopher Robin hurried in with a large box.

Pooh's surprise grew as he unwrapped one pot of honey after another.

"Merry Christmas, Pooh!" said Christopher Robin. "You've been such a generous bear, such a kind bear, that you deserve pots and pots of honey!"

This story teaches us that giving is the generous thing to do, even if you want to keep the gifts for yourself.

Posted by Janet F.  Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. Pooh is so sweet. Wish I had little ones this year.

  2. I think all our lives would be less rich without Pooh in it. :) thanks for profiling him here!


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