Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Picture Books

November is coming to an end. I reached the goal of coming up with 30 picture book ideas! Yeah!

Starting Saturday, December 1st, I am going to be reading a Christmas picture book each day until December 24th.

I love Christmas picture books!

I looked around and found these at the house. I have enough to read one each day!

My only problem is figuring out which one to read first.

Come back Saturday and find out. I will be posting each day about the one I read.
Visit me and enjoy a Christmas picture book each day.
It will be fun!

If you want to post about one, too, let me know the day before you post about it and I will  put a link to your blog on my post that day. Just send me the link to your post.

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. Wow! This is a super idea, Janet. I love picture books, too. I think I may check out some children's Christmas picture books and read one each day, too. I love to read these children's books. The illustrations and stories are uplifitng and put me in the Christmas spirit. You always have the most wonderful writing ideas to share. Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to it! One of my favorites from when I was a kid was The Sweet Smell of Christmas. :)

  3. Thirty picture book ideas! Yay!

    One of my favorite Christmas picture books is THE OTHER WISEMAN. It's by Henry Van Dyke but the one I have is retold my Pamela Kennedy.

  4. I'll have to take some pictures of our Christmas books. I keep most of them (all but my Little Golden Books) packed up all year. But each Christmas I set them out for everyone to enjoy. :)

  5. Brenda, I hope you get some to read, I'm sure they'll put you in the Christmas spirit. The Other Wiseman sounds like a good one, I'll have to see if our library has it. Rena, I knew you would have lots of them, if you post about them, let me know and I'll insert a link to your blogpost.


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