Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Finds

I have come across some neat books lately at the local thrift store and yard sales. . . and my mailbox!

My house is beginning to look  like a  library, without the shelves. I need shelves! Lots of them. The floor is getting a  little  crowded.

I got a package in the mail a few days ago. Wow! Four MG books written by Naomi Kinsman.
I think I am going to be reading for a while.

I like a quote of hers I found on her blog:
Dip your hands into life, scoop up memories, dreams, questions and ideas and weave them into stories - Naomi Kinsman

That is what I try to do with my writing.

 I found these poetry books at our local thrift store. 25 cents each. You can't hardly beat that price

 Here is a neat Curious George Book. This counting book doesn't just go up to 10, but to 100!

And last, but not least, a book by West Virginian, Gretchen Moran Laskas. 
I had been wanting to read this book.

I am anxious to get started! 
Decisions, decisions.
Which one do you think you would read first?

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. You really scored big on books!

    I have a little crush on Curious George, so I'd flip through and look at the pictures before delving into The Midwife's Tale.

  2. love all the books, Janet. I'd read Curious George first as I love him. Then I'd read the Midwife's Tale. Sounds good. I'm interested in Midwifery. My grandmother was a midwife. And then there is the new Midwife series on tv which is really good. Set in UK, I believe during war time. Anyway you can't go wrong in spending money on books, esp at a thrift store, my fave place to discover books. I'm getting more picky now as I'm out of room as you are!
    Have a great Saturday. Barb

  3. Wow! That's a lot of readin. With winter coming on, you'll have plenty to keep you busy inside. It looks like my house. So many good books, so few hours in the day. I've been takins some of my books to the library for their semi-annual book sale. That leaves room for new ones. :)

  4. Great book finds, Janet! I love all the poetry ones. :) I'm currently on a search to find the Illustrated Classics series. No one sells them around here, so I scrounge the thrift stores for them. My boys love those books.

  5. Janet,
    Lots of books! I read and have the Midwife's tale, That was a good book.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Wow! You have a fantastic collection of books. They all look intersting. It would be hard to decide which to read first. I'm like you, I love books, too. These all look great.

  7. Ooh, it's like Christmas! I love that feeling of having a stack of new books--so much possibility! Enjoy!

  8. I love to read, but there are just so many hours in a day around here. I'd probably go with Curious George and remember a little grandson, 23 years ago. My daughter has LOTS of books too. Her blog is more or less a review of young adult historical fiction.

  9. What great finds! Enjoy diving in!

  10. You hit the literary jackpot!

    The Midwife's Tale would where I'd start.

  11. You found some great books! I would like to read "The Midwife's Tale."


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