Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow and Edit, Edit, Edit

We had a quick blizzard come through last night and it almost caused our writing meeting to be canceled. But Granny Sue and I met and I'm so glad. I've written a story to submit to Erma Bombeck's Writing Competition and the deadline is January 31st. I needed input! And did I get it. My draft has chicken scratch all over it. Thank you, Susanna, for your advice.

She's great at editing. I helped her with a couple of her poems. I'm not very good at poetry, but I actually had a few good ideas to give her. One of them would make a good picture book.

It's snowing again and we put out more seeds. We love watching the birds! My husband is celebrating putting up the suet in our maple tree without falling over the rails of the deck.

It looks like the birds are fighting over the seeds. They've gorged their selves today!

The cardinals are my favorite!

Anyone else feeding the birds? Or editing?


  1. No editing and no snow.
    But I'm putting out the birdseed anyway.
    We've had Robins hanging around. Strange this time of year.

  2. Great photos! We are supposed to get another storm on Friday and Saturday. I'm praying for a big wind to wisk it into the Atlantic. I've had my fix of snow for the next ten years.

  3. Janet,
    We're supposed to get snow tomorrow here in WNC. Maybe if it snows I'll be able to get some writing done. I'm glad you could meet and get your work critiqued. Good luck with the writing competition.

  4. Snow is on its way to us, too. Maybe we'll get snowbound for the weekend. Yumm. Fireplace, hot cocoa, no electricity.

    WHAT! No electricity. That means no computer and no Internet.

    Oh, woe is me.


  5. I'm glad that you are entering a contest~I'm anxious to hear (read) how you do!


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