Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Inspiration

I turned on the local news show this morning. It told a story about a remarkable young lady. Go here to read about Andora.

She is a 12 year old prodigy of sorts, but not of math or music. She is gifted in writing.

On her blog profile she says she is a 12 year old author and teacher.

If you have children who might be interested, have them go to her site and check out everything there. It also directs you to her personal blog and her book blog.

In her book blog, in addition to reviewing books, she has a post that gives tips on writing a book review! Go to her profile and click on Andora's Book Club.

Her goal is to reach out and inspire other children who don't like to read. She started reading chapter books at age 3 1/2 (Bug Inspector). Her first love is historical fiction.

She has already published 3 books:
Flying Fingers,
Dancing Fingers,
Yang in Disguise

Go to her site and look around. She's not only an inspiration to kids wanting to write, but adults as well.


  1. A very talented and gifted young lady and her plans are well worth it.

  2. Absolutely amazing, Janet. Thanks for sharing. A lot of adults can't accomplish what this young lady has.


  3. Janet,
    This young lady is amazing. How wonderful she's such a talented person. This is an inspiration to me as a adult to try even harder with my writing. Have a wonderful weekend. I love your header photo.


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