Thursday, May 14, 2020

Making our Stories Better

I have a habit of copying writing tips and putting them in a folder on my desktop. I have lots and lots of tips.

Which is a good thing to do.

But I also have a habit of forgetting about them after putting them in the folder.

It's a good idea to go back and review all those tips you save. You'll be surprised at what you may have forgot.

I went here and read a post about How to Start a Novel. I found a couple of their ways interesting and applied one to one of my manuscripts.

I'd changed the beginning paragraphs of this story many times and I thought I had a good beginning.

It was pretty good, but now it is so much better. The 'Why is he doing that' prompt is the one that brought about my change.

I sent the new and old version to two of my critique partners, and they both liked the new version better.

So, my manuscript has a new and better beginning, and it is all because I kept reading blog posts and I kept reading tips.

I didn't quit. I kept trying to make my story better, which is what we all should do.

We should keep striving to make our stories better.

Don't be satisfied with a so-so story. Make it the best story you can make it.


  1. I have tons of saved tips too. I should review them more often. You never know what will trigger something great. I happy this worked so well for you.

    1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who does this.

  2. I have so many tips saved and bookmarked. But I sort of forget to check back and review them.

  3. I have a lot of tips in a folder on my desktop. I do look through it periodically. Thanks for the nudge to spend some time looking through it sometime soon. :) I am glad you made some changes and your beginning came out even better! Awesome!

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  5. Thank you for this writing tip. I will share with my critique group, and use it on my WIP.


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