Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Month of Learning

It has been a great month of learning.

I participated in Vivian Kirkfield's challenge of writing a picture book in 50 words or less. Out of around 130 entries, I won 6th place with my entry!

I have been participating in ReFoReMo!

ReFoReMo = Reading for Research Month

We have been studying different types of picture books and using them as mentor texts.

What kind of picture books are there? Let's see . . .

how to picture books
historical picture books
non fiction picture books
wordless picture books
low word count picture books
concept picture books
rhyming picture books
fractured fairy tales
alphabet and counting books
informational picture books
animal stories

etc. etc., the list could go on and on.

What type of picture books do you like to read?
What type of picture books do you like to write?

I took a plunge and wrote a 'how to' picture book this month. I am still working on this one. Lots of editing to be done.

Unlike what some people think, writing a picture book is hard.
Writing a short story (less than 500 words), means  each word has to be splendid. Each word has to be important to the story. Take out those meaningless words. Take out those boring words. Do not describe too much, let the illustrator have room to shine.

Children are special!

Make your book special!

Don't hide your words. 
Put them onto paper and share your stories with the world.


  1. You have been busy. I will be glad when we finish our move and my husband mends so I can have some writing time. Glad to see you being so productive. It's inspiring.

    1. Hi, Rosi, Thanks. My best to your husband. And, good luck on your move.

  2. Congratulations, Janet, upon winning the Vivian Kirkfield's picture book contest. Wow! That's fantastic. It is very hard to write children's stories. As you say, every word must count. I'm really proud of your success writing children's books.

  3. Just wanted to visit your blog and wish you a happy summer of writing and publishing children's books. I always enjoy visiting your blog because you share excellent writing tips.

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  5. I look forward to amazing month and sure I will get to learn many things from it. Thank you for sharing this blog with us, keep posting more such posts


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