Monday, November 30, 2015

I Did It!

November has come to an end.
I have 30 new ideas for picture books.
How about you? How many ideas do you have?

Now that we have our ideas -  we write.

We should try to:

Pick the perfect words - the perfect character - the perfect place.
But, keep it under 500 words and don't be preachy.

Be original. Put a new twist on an old story.
Show and don't tell, please.

And, do not write in rhyme - unless you are very, very good at it.
   (I must admit that I don't always follow my own advice.)

Revise, revise and revise.

But, most of all, write the story that will have kids saying, "Read it again! Read it again!"

It is not easy. But, nobody said it was going to be. Except for those people who think anyone can write for children, because the stories are so short and the readers are so young.

But, we know better.

So, let's get to work. I know we can do it.


  1. Great 'how to' for writing a picture book, Janet! It's so peppy and short it made me want to write a pb. Alas, I have no short ideas! ;)

    1. Hi, Clara. Thanks for your comment. Here's to wishing you PB ideas!

  2. This is awesome, Janet. I'm glad you have 30 ideas for children's books. Good luck with your writing. Best wishes publishing your ideas.

  3. Yay for you and Yay for me. I also have 30 new ideas. Happy writing.

    1. Hi, Rosi! I'm so glad you also have 30 ideas.

  4. 30 ideas! That's impressive! Nice, concise advice, too. At present, I don't have any PB ideas, just a couple of ideas for longer books in two series I'm writing.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Good luck on your books, too. I also write MG for kids.

  5. Congratulations, Janet. That's quite an accomplishment. Now you can have fun polishing those ideas into books. Best of luck.

  6. 30 new ideas! Wow! That is awesome! Definitely a great starting point for inspiration. Best of luck! :)

  7. I admire your perseverance and your talent! That's lot of ideas to keep you busy!


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