Monday, April 14, 2014

Rhyming Picture Books

I am participating in RhyPiBoMo.

This month we are learning about and celebrating rhyming picture books.

Good rhymes are harder than you think to write.
You have to think about rhythm, stresses, beats, rhyme schemes, alliteration, repetition, syllables, consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia and even feet!

And you thought writing in rhyme was easy.

Here are some rhyming lines from picture books I thought I would share with you:

Thank you for play dates, for swings and for slides.
Thank you for hopscotch and piggyback rides.

How do I love you,  little one? Let me count the ways . . .
One in sunshine; two in snow; three on rainy days.

Another inky evening's here
the air is cool and calm and clear.
We've feasted, fluttered, swooped, and soared,
and yet . . . we're still a little bored.

If I could, I'd sing a song
to make the stars wink all night long.

Jack heard a noise that rocked the floor.
He heard a noise that shook the door.
Jack heard . . . a snore.

Back yard picnics
big black ants.
In our baskets
Up our pants.

Can you guess which picture books they were taken from?

Take a guess - but you'll never guess the last one. I snuck that one in on you - it is from one of my manuscripts :o)

Can you make a rhyme using this picture as a word prompt?

Here is my painful attempt:
(I write from experience)

I am green
my eyes bug out
If you touch me,
you will shout!

Happy writing!

Or should I say - Happy Rhyming!


  1. Gee, looks like I need to read more picture books. I haven't a clue which books these lines are from. Guess I fail the class.
    I'll try, but I'm no poet.
    I saw a leaf with a bug,
    What would happen if I gave it a tug?
    To my surprise
    the bug opened its eyes,
    I'll never touch a bug again.
    And that's the truth, my friend.
    Haha. Well, I said, I'm no poet.

    1. Hi Beverly! Fun little poem you wrote. I don't like touching bugs either!

  2. I'm also doing RhyPiBoMo, but had a computer crash of epic proportions after clicking on a link in one of Angie's posts. It seems to have infected all our computers through our local area network. We are just now getting back on line and I'm trying to get caught up, but it will take me a couple days. It's a great series, though. I'm learning a lot.

    1. So sorry for your computer crash. I can relate. I am also learning a lot from Angie's posts.

  3. The first paragraph of your post reminded me of why I decided rhyming books are too hard for me to write. :-) I love your little poem though, and I do not like bugs. I'm your newest follower through the A to Z, and I'm happy to meet you and join your blog.

  4. Hi Debi, glad you came over and commented. Rhyming is hard, but I like writing it.

  5. I love the list of things to think about in your third paragraph. So many do NOT know this, so it can hardly be said often enough.

    1. Yes, Marcia, that is right. Some think that as long as the last word rhymes it is okay. (Sorry to say, I used to be one of those who thought that)


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