Thursday, November 14, 2013

Picture Books to Read Aloud

I am going to be reading to preschoolers next week at the library.
I only have fifteen minutes.

How do you decide what to read with so many wonderful picture books to choose from.

Do you have any suggestions?

I think children would like fun illustrations to hold their attention, repetitiveness so they can predict what will happen next, funny words or sounds they can repeat or say along with the reader,  good rhyming - all kids (and adults) love rhyming.

At the moment, I am considering these books:

I have even considered reading something I have written. That would be a good way to get a child's reaction to my work. But if I did that, I would have to get some illustrations to go along with my manuscript. Hmmm, I would have to work fast and maybe put pictures on a display board - what do you think? Any ideas?

I love the sparkle in a child's eyes and their laughter. Have you ever read to children before? 

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  1. I know this comment is coming too late for this reading, but I think it would be a wonderful thing to read one of your own books to them. I have a book, almost finished, with actual photos I took of the main character, my cloth doll. It was a lot of fun taking her out on photo shoots.

    1. Hi, lil red hen. You're not too late. I don't read until next Thursday. :o)

  2. I adore reading to kids. Have fun!

  3. How exciting to read to the children. I know they will love hearing your stories. I'm sure things will go great with the reading. Wish I could be with the kids and hear you read.

  4. Be prepared with illustrations next time you read and you can use one of your books. I love reading to kids. So much fun. Enjoy.

  5. Janet,
    I just wanted to visit your blog to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I look forward to visiting your blog.

  6. Janet,
    I just wanted to stop and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and joyful New Year.
    I cherish your blogger friendship and always enjoy reading your postings.

  7. I missed this post- but I would love to hear what you decided to read! How did it go? It sounds like such fun!

    1. I read Jane Yolen's Dinosaur book and I believe, one of the Pigeon books. I also read one of my poems, Five Little Turkeys. One of my writing group buddies, Max, read at the same time and we took turns reading to the kids. Had a wonderful time.


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