Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Beat the Deadline - And the Giveaway Winner!

I finally got my MG manuscript excerpts with their synopsis's and my PB manuscripts printed today and ready to mail to the WVWriter's Contest. 

Whew! Deadline is Friday.

I don't know why I always take this down to the wire every year, but I do.

Seems like I've been glued to the computer chair lately.

Why is a synopsis so hard to write?

I am so glad that I took them  to my writing group to be critiqued.
They were very helpful and pointed out things that needed to be in it and things that didn't need to be in it.

In celebration I cleaned up my desk (or should I say small table) and the kitchen table behind me. It has been loaded down with my papers and books for too many weeks. It's a good thing we don't eat on it or we would have been going hungry.

Okay, what you all have been waiting on.

We have a winner for Quinn's picture book.

It is Viji Chary! Congratulations to her and thank all of you who commented on the blog post.

Janet Smart   Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. Congrats to you Janet and the winner.

  2. Congrats to the winner! How exciting!

    Awesome job meeting your deadline. I am sure it is a relief to have everything off your plate! :)

    1. Thanks, DMS. I'm so glad to get those entries out in the mail.

  3. Thank you Janet and many thanks to the winner, Viji Chary! The book is winging its way to you now. Enjoy! Quinn

  4. Congratulations! And good luck, too :)

    Synopses are a bear to write. Not a teddy bear, either. More like a mean old mama grizzly.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Horrah for you for completing your manuscript!


  6. Yay, and congratulations to Viji!


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