Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you excited with your writing?

Sometimes I get frustrated with my writing. I think I am never going to be published.
I wonder why I waste my time (and it is very time consuming).
I think I should be out there trying to do something to help contribute to the family income, because I fear I am never going to be able to do that with my writing.

 But then the excitement creeps back.

I am nearing the completion of a manuscript that I have worked on, off and on, down through the years. I see how much better it is now than when I finished that first draft of it years ago.

I see the changes. I see the ending. And, I fall in love with it.

 Even if it is never published the traditional way, I am happy with my accomplishment. I see how I have grown and how my manuscript has grown. In addition, I see how it has actually become a good story that I am proud to have written.

That is when the excitement comes back.

Are you excited with your writing? I hope so. Comment and share your excitement with us.
We love to hear what is going on with our fellow writers.

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 posted by Janet F. Smart at Creative Writing in the Blackberry Patch
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  1. Don't give up, Janet! You are a great writer. You have some really neat ideas for your children's stories and books. I have learned so much from your blog and you always have something new to say.

  2. Janet,
    I think when we have lots of self doubt that's when we grow the most. It's growing pains. We do get worn down and we have to have a rest period when we don't write at all. I'm in the middle of one right now, working on the paperbacks with createspace at Amazon. While they are publishing the book I have to do all the work and make the decisions. After this is done, I'm taking a rest before I finish the next novel. It's 3/4 done with lots of rewriting necessary.
    Just don't give up and keep writing. Blessings, Barb

  3. Congrats on your first 100 followers! I know what you mean about being excited about your writing. When you can't not write, you're a real writer. I look back at some of my first stuff every once in a while. Some of it was pretty good. Not all of it. We write, learn, write, grow, write. It shows. Keep writing!

  4. Janet, keep on writing! Being published the traditional way is no longer an issue with me. I am happy to become an independent self publisher via Createspace. Knowing someone is reading my hard work is now enough for me.

    Keep loving your manuscript and good luck.

  5. Yay! Congrads Janet! I have to write. For me it's a matter of letting those people come out of my head. *wink*

    You fall in love with it! You are a real writer, pal. *hugs*

  6. The excitement and the love is what matters most, I think. Otherwise, how could be go on writing? Good for you for not giving up on that manuscript. I have moments of excitement while I'm working on a story, but I don't feel the ongoing love and thrill until the work is what it ought to be--and that takes time.


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