Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking At Things In A Different Way

Writer's get discouraged, but we must write on!

Our writing group has dwindled down to only two people attending since the beginning of the new year. I am discouraged, but will write on.

We will keep meeting and I am hoping that my fellow friends and writers will soon return. There's nothing like having a group of friends who understand the frustrating ups and downs of writing. I love and need feedback from other writers. I don't know, maybe this is teaching me to be more independent. However, I like being a member of a group. They keep me motivated.

They keep your spirits up when you receive a rejection letter by saying, "Hey, that's great, that means you're submitting."

On another subject. . .

Here is a little imagination and some pictures to go with it.
Maybe this will lead you to look at the pretty little flowers in a different way, too

Dandelion blankets
spread about my yard
shining like the morning

Dandelion puffballs
stand against the sky
glistening like the full

Dandelion seeds
float across the heavens
sparkling like the evening


  1. Good for you for writing on, Janet. I hope your writing group members return. But it may also be time to consider inviting in some "new blood." New members may help you see your writing in a different way, too.
    All the best,

  2. Will definitely see dandelions differently now! Driving to work the other day when it was foggy, I noticed an entire field with spider webs attached to the weeds. The moisture from the fog had settled on the webs and the sun was lighting them up and making them sparkle like ornaments. Of course - no camera!

  3. Gees girl, I've been tryin' to rid my place of these beautiful 'flowers'!!! I'm keepin' the grandkiddos the last half of the week and I'm sure my yard will be well seeded! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a Terrific Tuesday!!!

  4. Oh how frustrating! I'm sorry to hear that about your group. If you need a second pair of eyes, I'll be happy to critique something for you. I wish you lived closer, Miss Janet. We'd be proud to have you in our SCBWI group! Your photos are lovely...but I'd love to get those things out of my yard, lol!

  5. I love these pictures and beautiful words. Dandelions are awesome, even if they are considered weeds! ;)


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