Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unique Ideas

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that I'm still around.
I've been busy editing some of my stories and keeping busy with lots of other summer things. You can check out my other blog for what's been going on around our house.

I'm really giving Amazing Miss Maizy the once over.
I've put it on the SCBWI forum for critiques and at our last Wordsmith's meeting Susanne and I also worked with it. I want to really be satisfied before sending Miss Maizy to publishers again.

While glancing through the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market I read some interesting tips from the publishers. Some said:

they wanted picture books with fresh approaches. . .

they wanted something outstandingly different. . .

they wanted something unusual, original and well written. . .

they were always interested in a new twist on time-tested subjects. . .

and one of them said - "if it is not letter perfect, we do not want to see it." I guess I'll have to make a note not to send anything to them.

and another said, "you should find a reputable agent and have him/her submit your work." I guess I'll have to cross them off my list of possible publishers, also.

So I think writing a picture book and getting it published is easy. You just have to make it outstanding, unusual, original and/or put a new twist on the subject. We should be able to do that, along with making it letter perfect.

So let's everyone put our heads together and come up with a unique idea for a story.

How about . . .

an elephant who wants to learn to water ski

crafty critters - a non fiction book about smart animals

a ghost who was afraid of the dark

I'm sure you can come up with ones better than mine.

Let's have fun and add to the list. Can you add a unique, original and outstandingly different idea for a story?


  1. How about a spider who isn't afraid of humans? No wait--I'm pretty sure that's Charlotte's Web.

    Maybe a fan that doesn't like wind. Pretty sure that might count as original, but maybe not interesting. :]

  2. I hear ya, Miss Janet. But try to keep your focus on YOUR work. It's your craft, your art...the markets are constantly changing.

  3. I love this post~you have made me laugh, Janet! Yes, different, perfect, LOL! Oh we all strive for that, don't we? Sounds like you are having a good summer.

  4. Janet,

    I agree with Amy. We need to focus on our work. I have several great ideas but like yours about the water skiing elephant, the ghost who was afraid of the dark and also the non-fiction book about smart animals.

    You and I should co-author a children's book. That would be fun.

    What book is coming out in September that you have a story in? Chicken Soup:What I Learned from the Dog is coming out in September and I have a story in that one. I can hardly wait.

    Email me sometime and we will discuss writing more in-depth.

    Have a good week.


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