Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Over Until Next Year

Cedar Lakes was the place. . .

for the West Virginia Writer's Conference.

It was fun! I was only able to attend classes on Friday, but next year I'm going to make sure I have nothing else planned for the Conference Weekend and attend classes on both Friday and Saturday.

One of the best parts was that I met some very nice and talented writers.

One of the classes I attended was called "The Business of Writing."
Susan Reinhardt was the instructor of this class.
She is a humor columnist for the Asheville Citizen Times, a radio personality and author of: Not Tonight Honey, Not Til I'm a Size Six, Dishing With the Kitchen Virgin, and Don't Sleep With a Bubba Unless Your Eggs Are in Wheelchairs.
I enjoyed this class very much. One of her suggestions she passed along to the class was to - Build Your Resume. You can go for the gusto and send your writings to the New York Publishers first, but it's best to start out little. Send articles to newspapers and magazines. Create an audience and following for yourself.

When writing an inquiry letter the first and most logical thing is to get the person's name right. Then list your best accomplishment at the beginning of the letter. Describe your work, demonstrate that it has conflict and plot. In your description show that you're a good, creative writer. Include a short bio and don't forget the SASE!

I took a quick photo of her at the end of the class.

There was a writer's wall in the Assembly Hall at the Conference. Writer's attending could post a page or two of prose or poetry. An assigned number was put on your paper and it was posted for attendees of the conference to read and then vote on their favorite. I posted a section of my novel "Lucy of Tupper's Hollow" and ...

Winners were announced at the Banquet on Saturday Night. I didn't win anything in the Writer's Contest, but I am very proud of this. The people voted on it, and a big smile came to my face when they announced my name.

Boyd Carr is a poet, essayist and philosopher. He is also the official WVWriter's Conference Artist In Residence. He sat one over from me at the Banquet on Saturday. Two years ago he did a sketch of me when I was at the conference. After I got my award, the lady next to me pecked on my shoulder and said "Turn around, he wants to sketch you."

He is such a sweet guy and a real character. I secretly hoped he would sketch me this year, and I got my wish.

I was disappointed I didn't win anything in the Writing Contest, but I was not alone. Many others that entered did not win.

So, maybe next year. And in the meantime I'll write and write and write some more.


  1. But it looks like you won second? That's WONDERFUL Miss Janet! Sounds like you had a fabulous time, and I look forward to reading your novel one day.

  2. Janet,

    Congratulations! Yes, you did win. You received this beautiful 2nd place certificate. What a great souvenir. Keep on keeping on. One of these days you will win.

    I've never been to a writer's conference. Glad you could attend.


  3. People voted for what you wrote! That is so fabulous!

    And you got sketched. It was a winning conference!

  4. Janet,
    Congratulations upon the win. I'm glad you attended the WVA Writers' Conference. Sounds like it was great.

  5. It sounds like so much fun. I'm going to check and see if we have anything like that where I'm from. Thanks for the blog.


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