Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Rejection

Oh, well.

Another rejection to add to my collection.

Run, Betty, Run does not meet Pelican Publishing's needs at this time.

It was a very quick turn around, it makes you wonder if they even looked at it.

We put hours and hours into writing a story and spend hours and hours trying to find the right publisher to send it to, only to get rejected. . . again.

So why do we continue to write, you ask.

I continue to write because I love it and hope some day to get the right story to the right publisher. I love putting words down on paper and creating stories.

Why do you write?

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  1. Don't let yourself be discouraged! Emily Dickinson was only able to get seven of her around 2,000 poems published during her lifetime.

    Why do I write?

    For me this is actually two questions. Why am I always thinking and telling stories? and Why am I writing them down?

    Why am I always thinking and telling stories? I MUST. My brain never stops and my mouth is always happy to tell them to anyone who will listen. Just pop me into a room with a six year old and see what happens :-)

    Why am I writing them down? I kinda hope they might help pay a few bills. Even an extra dollar or two would be nice.


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