Monday, April 5, 2021

Editing and Writing Tips

 I'm a reader of writing tips. 

Writing is a talent, but a person is never too old or too young to learn.

I love writing, but I think I love editing even more. I love molding my story into a better story. Into the best story that I can.

Editing does that.

I'm always reading about finding filler words and getting rid of them. Finding passive words, vague words, redundant phrases, and common cliches and getting rid of them.

I am in the process of writing a sequel to my novel, Where the Stars Grant Wishes, and I have been editing it to rid my manuscript of those filler words.

Some of the words I've been searching for are IT, SOME, THEY, THEM, etc.

My story had a lot of those vague words. I am one of those writers who doesn't have to lower my word count. I need to up my word count. And in getting rid of these words and getting more specific, I found that I actually upped my word count - Yeah!

Another way I found to up my word count is in description.

Early this morning I opened the door and stared out. I soaked in all the sights and sounds and came up with passages that I could easily find a place for in my manuscript.

If you go outside during the day and sit and observe everything around you, new ideas will appear all around you. 

Are you in the middle of writing a manuscript?

Do you like editing?

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  1. I am not nearly as fond of editing as I am of writing, but it sure is a necessary part of the process. I always need to cut words. I can't write a shopping list in under 1000 words! Thanks for your post.

  2. This is very interesting, Janet. Good luck on your new book. Thanks for sharing these writer tips.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy summer. Hope you are getting a lot of writing done and publishing your book.

  4. Hello. again. I just wanted to stop by your blog and wish you a lot of publishing of your work this summer. Hope you are well and having a great season.


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