Monday, September 15, 2014

MMGM - Hank Zipzer - My Dog's a Scaredy-Cat

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I am reviewing another Hank Zipzer book today.


Publisher: Grossett & Dunlap 2006
Book Level: 4-6  word count: 25,613

When you were a kid, didn't you just love dressing up for Halloween. So does Hank. But no one liked his outfit! And on the day of the Halloween Parade at his school, Hank was beginning to wonder why he decided to dress up as a table in an Italian restaurant, too. After the parade he listed NINE HALLOWEEN THINGS I SHOULD HAVE GONE AS.
Nick, the school bully, made fun of his costume, made fun of his sister and called him stupid in front of the whole school and neighborhood. He wanted to scare Nick out of his socks. Hank's Papa Pete suggested he build a haunted house instead.
Hank got together with his friends to make the scariest haunted house ever. Not for fun, but to scare Nick.
They had to act quick and in his excitement and being very busy making the haunted house, Hank's dog, Cheerio, is  nowhere to be found. He thinks Cheerio's disappearance is his fault and suddenly scaring Nick is the last thing on his mind.
Do they find Cheerios and do they scare Nick in their scary haunted house? You'll have to read it and find out how Hank's Halloween night ended.

This is another one of Mr. Winkler's funny books that doesn't let you down.
In my opinion grade school kids will love it.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Perfect selection for the upcoming Halloween season. I have quite a few young readers in mind to recommend this to. Thanks for featuring.

    1. Hi Greg. Yes, this is the prefect season to read this book. Kids love Halloween.

  2. This one sounds really cute. I haven't read any of Henry Winkler's books, but I really need to. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Rosi. Yes, I would recommend reading some of his books.

  3. I'm going to look for this one. It sounds fun!


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