Monday, January 16, 2012

Writing Until You Get it Right

Do you wonder where the time goes?
Does time seem to pass by quickly and you feel like throwing up your hands and giving up?

 Maybe that is what happened to this clock.

It gave up!

I have got too many pots on the stove, as my mother would say. There does not seem to be enough time to get all my projects done. I am very impatient, I like to be caught up. But, sometimes that is impossible, so I just do what I can and pay no mind to the clock. So the above clock should do me just fine.

I have been working on a picture book all week. Trying to get just the right words. Just the right feel.
It is funny how you think you have something right, then when someone else reads it, they quickly pick up on things that are not right with it. But that is a good thing as someone else says.

Someone who is not as close to your story as you are is just what your manuscript needs.

When my writer's group gets a hold of my story, I am sure they will help me obtain the right words and the right feel. They will see things that my eye and mind did not see.

Then I will be back to work writing and trying to beat the clock.


  1. I admire your persistance. It will certainly pay off as long as you keep at it.
    Good luck with your picture book!

  2. I would love to write picture books, but there is something that I'm missing. Wish I lived closer so we could collaborate.


  3. I love my writer's group! We laugh, share news and eat the first half hour and then we get down to serious business.

  4. Critique partners are priceless. I love that clock - I never know what time it is.

  5. Sometimes I really hate clocks! lol


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