Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Starting All Over Again


I regret having to type this post.

I am starting all over again with my MG manuscript, The Family Secret.

I was signed on with a publishing company, but due to unforeseen circumstances I chose to be released from my contract.

They are downsizing from releasing approximately 24 books a year to 6-8. My manuscript was being pushed back to a 2014 release date. Since no work had been done on my manuscript, I chose to be released from my contract. The publishing company allowed all their authors the opportunity to take this option.

It was a tough decision, but one I felt I should take, so now I start all over again with The Family Secret. I have decided to edit it a little more before submitting it to other publishers.

Wish me luck.

A note to my WVWriter friends. I have changed the header on my blog!

It should look familiar to you. It is the covered bridge at Cedar Lakes, WV where the WVWriters annual writer's convention takes place every June. It is located just a few miles from where I live and we took a ride there Sunday for a little rest and relaxation. Go to my other site for more pictures.


  1. Wow that's too bad, and I don't blame you for taking back your rights. 2014 when no edits had been done?! Best to you in finding another home for it!

  2. It sounds to me; as if it was definitely time to move on.
    Good Luck.

  3. I love your new picture of the covered bridge. I'm sure it was a tough decision about your book and I wish you much luck in getting in published.

  4. I'm sorry to heart that! But it sounds like you made the right decision. Good luck!

  5. Ha, oops. I meant "hear" not "heart." I don't think my coffee has kicked in yet. :-)

  6. That's a new twist. Daggone it, why did the economy have to go south just now? Good decision, though--you have moreoptions open to you.

  7. The publishing world is tough sometimes, but you'll find a home for your novel. The right one is out there. Sening best wishes and hugs.

  8. The very best of luck to you!!
    And such an inspiring photo...a bridge at a place where we all get rejuvenated...may it symbolize an entrace to new places for you!
    Hugs, Pam

  9. Oh sweetie, if ya found a home once it WILL happen again for ya.

    I haven't been over for awhile (been a ruff summer) but I do love the header!

    God bless ya and have a very creative day!!!

  10. Such a tough decision, Becky, and such a brave one you made. Best wishes with The Family Secret.

  11. Janet,
    I'm sorry to hear you're starting over with your manuscript. Good luck with placing it elsewhere.

    I love your header of the covered bridge. It is very lovely. We don't have any covered bridges here, but I love them.

  12. Oh poohey! I'm so sorry Miss Janet, but I have no doubt that you made the right decision. You are one talented lady, and I'm sure that you'll sell it soon. Are you querying agents too?


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