Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Thanks to Karen Jones Gowan, we're having a Labor Day Bloggerhood BBQ.
Go check it out! I'm bringing an apple cobbler. I just picked the apples off of our tree and it's in the oven as I type.

Also, my September column is posted now at Two-Lane Livin's site. It's about school days of long ago and I included my recipe for peanut butter chews. . .ummm, ummm. When I was a kid in grade school, it was one of the goodies the cooks made.

I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend. Maybe now that summer is coming to an end, our lives will become less busy and we will have more time to write. Between our vegetable garden and my blackberry vines, I haven't had much time to write this summer. I picked and sold 201 quarts of blackberries this summer. I also gave a few away, made cobblers and crumbles and ate lots while I picked!


  1. Great blog! Sounds like you've been incredibly busy enjoying the fruits of summer. Mine has been yellow summer squash, cucumbers and green beans. That's all that's really grown this year in our garden. Berries would be wonderful!

  2. I popped over from Karen's party too.

    Sounds like lots of goodies at your place. :)

  3. Happy Labor Day to you. Blackberry cobbler sounds yummy.

  4. 201 quarts? You lucky blogger!
    Hey, thanks for the follow. I look forward to your upcoming posts. :)

  5. I came in from Carol's blog, intrigued by your name. Now, I discover both writing and cooking here. Well, it's bound to happen among blog-neighbors.

  6. Stopping by for Karen's BBQ with fried chicken and pop. Hope you are having a fun weekend!

  7. Wow, that's a lot of blackberries!
    And a lot of scratches and purple fingers. LOL
    Hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend, too.

  8. Wow, that's a lot of blackberries to can. Those cobblers and pies will taste awfully good come winter.

  9. Wow - that's a LOT of berries!! Good for you :)

    Karen's bbq was fabulous!


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