Friday, March 19, 2010

Reception and Reading of Poetry

Last night my husband and I drove down the WV Turnpike to Concord University. We drive the turnpike all the time in the summer when we go on vacation, but yesterday was absolutely the worse trip on the turnpike I had ever been on.

It is one of those highways where the speed limit keeps changing, the lanes keep changing from two to three and back to three again, curves and steep hills abound and crazy drivers are all around.

We survived the turnpike and arrived about one half hour before the reception and reading of the poems began.

My poem got accepted in the winter edition of Holler. Mr. McKenna was in charge of the reception and he was so nice. The reception was in the State Room at Concord.

I stepped forward and volunteered to read my poem first. I must be getting better, I wasn't nervous at all. I told a little about myself and my writing and read I Am From Appalachia.

Afterward Mr. McKenna posed for a picture with me.

Eric Fritzius was a familiar and friendly face in the audience. He is a member of West Virginia Writers. Here we are in front of the refreshment table.

Concord University has a beautiful campus. When we walked out to the parking lot last night we took a picture of the 48 bell carillon. Isn't it pretty lit up at night?

We had a good time. Wish you could have been there.


  1. Janet,
    How fun the evening sounded. I'd love to hear you read or would just love to read your poem. I am appalachia. Do I have it right?

    Hope to see you at the conference.
    Blessings, Barb

  2. Congrats on reading your poem without having to deal with butterflies in your tummy.

  3. Janet,
    Good for you. It must be wonderful to be able to write. I can do the roses are red violets are blue thing pretty good. HA.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Wonderful, Janet. I'm so happy for you. You deserve the recognition for your work.

  5. I love this poem! Congratulations on your success.

  6. Congratulations on the acceptance of your poem. Awesome.

    Have a good week.


  7. Sounds like a delightful evening! I miss those readings at Hollins. We used to grab a cup of tea and curl up in a giant wing-back. There's nothing like it!

  8. I know I've already commented, but I wanted to add that I think your poem would make a beautiful children's or gift book with illustrations about love and family and life in Appalachia.
    Good luck!

  9. Janet,
    Congratulations upon your poem being published in HOLLER. I'm so glad you and your husband could attend the reading and reception at Concord University. Bravo for you getting up first and reading your poem. Those are great photos. I know you did a great job reading. I sure wish I could have been there and heard you read. This is a wonderful posting.

  10. Way to go, Janet!

  11. Oh, Janet! You read your I Am From Appalachia to an audience! I LOVE that and still want to post it on Sherri Tales if you'll let me. What do you say? (o; Send me an email to


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