Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Writing and Cold Weather

It is so cold. It is so snowy.

We were going to have our first writer's meeting last night in over a month and had to cancel because of the bad weather, and I was so looking forward to it.

I didn't have anything to share with the group until the last minute. I woke up yesterday morning with a story on my mind. I laid there for a while, not wanting to get up, but gave in and reached into the drawer of my end table and drug out my writing tablet and pencil.

I kept writing until I had a very rough draft of a short story.

It's called The Unlocked Door and it needs a lot of work. Maybe by next Monday it will be ready for my writing group to critique.

What's your weather like? I think Global Warming has decided to take the back burner for a while. We've got snow in the forecast for the entire week with temperatures dropping every day.

I guess it's a good time to stay inside and write. . . or read, whichever you prefer.

It's also a good time to feed the birds and watch our feathered friends brave the cold.


  1. Janet,
    It's really cold here in WNC. The temp. is in the single digits and they are predicting snow on Thurs. Sounds like you have gotten a lot of snow already. It's a good time to just stay indoors and write. Our poetry crituque group is schedule to meet Thursday night, but if it snows, they will cancel it. I hope you stay warm, write a lot, and sounds like you've already written a great story.

  2. Hi Janet,
    It's really cold here in Central PA & I'm already waiting for spring!

  3. Like the new photo header. Any word yet about the MS?

  4. The title of your story sounds awesome!

    I love in South Texas and it is pretty mild.

    -Alisa Hope

  5. Like the new blog look, the title of the new story and the photo of the cardinal!

    So, do you live in Alaska or the Arctic Circle?

    It's been unseasonably cold here in DE and everywhere, but we only had the one big snowfall (in the past 7 years), so I'm not complaining!

  6. Bummer about the meeting. I'm glad you came up with a new idea. My regular meetings sure do help me come up with new ideas. I think I'd be half as productive as I am without them. Try to stay warm and enjoy some hot cocoa or tea or coffee.

  7. This cold sure doesn't want to leave!
    Your pictures are beautiful.


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