Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coffee Table Books

It's snowing outside! Our first real snow. I've been kind of down lately, and seeing the snow falling from the sky perked me up.

This is the time of year I put out my Christmas coffee table books. These aren't your usual books you see piled on the table for guests to read (unless you have a lot of little kids, that is). As you can tell I love collecting children's books. I pick them up at yard sales.

Would you ever guess that I write for children?

and here are a few more to pick from. . . I love the illustrations in these books.

Here they are in a nice neat stack. Which book would you choose to browse through while waiting for Santa's visit?

Sip on a nice cup of hot chocolate, relax and read for a while.


  1. In a way children's books make us feel young or at least bring back some memories.

  2. Yours is one of my favorite blog banners of all time.

    I collected children's books for years and gave the mother load to my daughter, a teacher, who has her own library for students.

    I also collect Christmas books, which I still have. Love them. Love them. Love them.

  3. Janet,

    I always look at children's books when I'm in book stores or at flea markets or garage sales. I have quite a collection myself, but most of them are newer than yours. You have some nice vintage ones.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  4. I'd pick Frosty The Snowman!
    Get that hot cocoa ready I'm on my way!!! tee hee

  5. Love childrens books! Thank you so much for coming and visiting my blog AND becoming a follower! I look forward to getting to know you better!

    I used to dream of writing Childrens books. Instead I've resorted to collecting them for my Rugrats.

    Hope you have a great Monday!!

  6. Every year when I pull out the children's Christmas books, I feel like they're long lost friends. I think I enjoy them more than the kids!

  7. Janet,

    I LOVE PBs, too. My collection of Christmas PBs is more modest than yours. But, like your other commenters, I love reading them again and again.

    Does that mean I never quite grew up? That I'm still a child at heart?

    I hope so!

    Merry Christmas,


  8. I think children's book are great for coffee table books. They aren't too long, they are easy to read, and they have lots of pictures!

  9. I also have a collection of children's books and I put out the Christmas ones this time of year too. Right now my grandsons are entranced with the pop-up by Robert Sabuda--The Night Before Christmas. You have some older ones that I have too!

  10. What a great collection, Janet! We have some of those books, too. My favorite is the Charlie Brown Christmas book! I'm a sucker for anything Peanuts!

  11. These are great, Janet. I have some of the same books. :)


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