Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Wait Goes On and On. . .

One of the hardest parts about writing is the wait.
You write something and it could be years before you see it in print. I like instant gratification, I guess I'm into the wrong profession.

I had submitted a story to Cup of Comfort for Couples. The deadline has been extended twice. The first one only a few weeks. We were to be notified at the end of October, then an email stated that we would be notified by November 10th - 15th at the latest. Now I get an email stating that the development schedule for Cup of Comfort for Couples has been changed again. After being closed to submissions, it has now been opened for submissions again. You have till April 20th to submit and deadline for selection is now June 15th.

It's a wonder I have any hair left after pulling it out with all these delays.
I guess for all the people who procrastinated with submitting, this is good news. You now have time to submit.

My story Lucy of Tuppers Hollow is still away. After waiting 6 months, I inquired.
The reply I received apologized for the delay and he said he would find it and read it and I would hear from them by the beginning of the following week. (This was a while back)
I waited patiently for the email, and at the end of the following week, I did receive an email. He said 'our staff is still evaluating your manuscript. We will be in touch with you shortly.' That was over a month ago.

My question is, do you think any of us will arrive at our goal to be published before our hair turns completely gray? or before all our hair is pulled out?

Is anyone else out there as impatient as I am? Probably not.


  1. Instant gratification is the weft of which humans are woven. Everything happens in God's time...

  2. I tend to be inpatient myself. I would rather have it now than later so I can relate.

  3. Janet,
    Good luck with your writing submissions. I am enjoying reading your blog.
    Thank you for the tip on I've researched Genealogy on my husband's side of the family for several years. It's always exciting to find a new link.

  4. Wish that I could say I'm not impatient. But I am. Instant gratification is what this world has come to know. Me included.
    Good luck with the submission.

  5. Yes, it is extremely hard waiting for word from submissions! So frustrating, especially when you get NO word back. Best thing is to write something else and forget about them.

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  7. The best advice I've received came from Laurie H. Anderson. She said that while she waits, she writes. By the time she sold her first novel, Fever, she had a back list of 12 more novels. Keep at it, Miss Janet!

  8. I'm a fan of writing while waiting. Just keep at it. In your case, at least you know the deadline was extended. Often, you have to pay attention because some agents and publishers have a time frame for response. If you don't hear back within the time frame, it's a no. Hang in there and keep writing. :]

  9. Waiting is sooo hard!! I'm still waiting for the answer on one of mine.

    Sure hope you hear soon!

  10. Janet,

    Waiting is not fun, but if your story is accepted, it will be well worth the wait. Patience is certainly a virtue when you submit to publishers because they aren't in any hurry.

    I remember submitting a story and waiting 6 months. When I inquired, the publisher sent it back to me rejected within a week. So now I never inquire and eventually I do get an answer. Some publishers just don't want to be bothered with inquiries and will reject anyone who dares to do so. Please use caution.



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