Thursday, October 1, 2009

Troublesome Words

I just submitted a story to Cup of Comfort for Couples. They've extended the deadline if anyone thinks they might have a good story to submit. The good thing about it is you don't have to wait forever to know if Cup of Comfort accepts your story or not. You will be notified by October 31st.

I read and reread my story a lot. I did a lot of editing. I got input from a friend of mine who is very good at writing and editing.

Words I used to have to find and delete were that, just and but.

I still have to look for those words while editing my stories. Now I have discovered a few other words I have trouble with and never realized it.

Pronouns! You know what I'm talking about. Them, We, They etc.

We (who? you and the family?)
Them (who? family and friends, comments?)
They (who? parents, friends?)
He (put in name)

I found I need to be more concise. More clear.

So, after I fixed the story being submitted to Cup of Comfort, I pulled up my middle grade manuscript and checked it out.

was everywhere! Of course you can't take them all out. A lot of they's had to be left in, but I was amazed at how many could be changed into something more clear and concise. Now I am going back and looking for them, we, he, it etc.

It's easy to do. Go to Edit and Click on Find.
You might be amazed at what you discover lurking in your manuscript.

What are your troublesome words that slip into your stories?


  1. I'm learning to omit "was running" and write "ran". Not sure why, but lots of ING words for me. The main thing is to recognize and edit!

  2. Janet! Thank you for visiting and entering my GIVEAWAY! I'm so pleased to meet you and am looking forward to hearing more about your writing. I'm signing on as a follower to make sure I don't "lose" you! Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the info, Miss Janet!

  4. Janet,

    You are learning to edit and polish your manuscripts. I still have problems editing my own. I can edit other people's with no problem, but seem to overlook mistakes in my own writing.

    Come over to my writing nook and join in a writing exercise. I'm going to check out Cup of Comfort and see what they are accepting at present. I just had a story published in Chicken Soup: What I Learned from the Dog.

    Have a great week.

  5. Janet,

    I'm glad you're going to join in the fun. If you ever do writing exercises at your writer's group that are interesting, please let me know. It's nice to try something new.

    Now, for your mode of transportation, how about a red wagon. LOL

  6. I'm always learning about how to become a better writer, too! We never stop growing. My mistakes help to stretch me. Hey, Janet---PLEASE go to my blog today (10/7). Read the post and click on the link to our critique group tribute! Please share this with other writers. It's soooo inspiring.


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