Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Check is in the Mail

We've all heard the saying 'The check is in the mail."

Well, I got my check in the mail for my short story that is going to be in the book Christmas Traditions.

It's only $75, but it's the first compensation for my writing. So, I guess that makes it official, I'm an author!

Come September, I can hold the book in my hand! Then, it will seem very real.

Now, if I can just get one of my picture books or MG stories published.


  1. Congratulations! You are an author!

  2. That is so exciting! are an inspiration for the rest of us.

    Have a great day.

  3. Janet, the AUTHOR! Sounds good, doesn't it? Whahooo! Congratulations. Now keep it up! Which magazines are you targeting? When I teach I ALWAYS recommend fattening up a writing bio with magazine pieces (NOT that they're easy!)Magazines are very particular. It gives a writer credibility.
    Stories, rebuses, puzzles, games, crafts. You're so creative, Janet. Give it a go!

  4. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now photo copy it before you cash it and then frame it. I have my first check hanging in my office. How wonderful! If I lived closer, I'd treat you to a piece of chocolate cake and coffee!!!!!

  5. Janet,
    Congratulations upon the publication of your story and for the payment. I really proud of you. Great work! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  6. Congratulations. Don't you just want to frame the sucker?

  7. Wow, Janet---so exciting!!!! Now can you remind us ahead of time so we can read it in print or is it on line.
    This is a book? Or magazine ?
    Your blog has stirred my stagnant writing desire and I thank you so much!!!!!
    There is so much to learn.
    I love your blog and pictures.
    Amy L.

  8. Thank you everyone for your congratulations! Amy, it is going to be in a book which goes on sale in September. I will let you know when I get my copy. I am glad that I stirred your writing desire!

  9. WOWZA! I've been in a non-blog-reading slump for the past little while, and I was THRILLED to click on the link to your blog this morning and see this.

    CONGRATS :-) :-)

  10. Congratualtions, Janet!! I can't wait to see a picture of you holding the book!


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