Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Writing Magazines

I recently wrote a post about writing newsletters you can get sent to you on the web.
Most are very informative and they are free.

Now, I have a question for my readers.

Do any of you subscribe to writer's magazines? If so, which ones.

Which magazines do you recommend?

Here are some I have heard of:

Children's Writer
Writer's Digest
The Writer
Writers' Journal (bi-monthly)

Children's Writer Newsletter of Writing and Publishing Trends ($19.00 yearly)
Children's Book Insider + CBI Clubhouse (monthly newsletter $42.95 yearly)

I would love to have your advice and comments on these magazines and newsletters.

I would like to subscribe to a magazine, but it is hard to choose which one to select.

Maybe your advice can help other readers of my blog who are trying to decide which magazine is the best for their buck.



  1. I used to subscribe to Writer's Digest, but most issues didn't have enough children's writer or poet-specific information for me. Same with Poets and Writers. Right now all I subscribe to is Children's Writer. It's a compact little newsletter jam packed full of interesting information. It comes with a seperate section of book publishers and magazine markets that can be helpful for finding unique places to which to submit.

  2. Well, I'm biased :) but please consider Children's Book Insider, The Newsletter for Children's Writers and the CBI Clubhouse. We've been publishing CBI every month since May, 1990 and we've just made the big leap to adding The CBI Clubhouse -- a virtual playground for children's writers, with audio interviews w/top authors, video tutorials, ebooks, articles, messaging and lots more. It all costs about the same as a latte every month.

    Have a look at http://cbiclubhouse.com

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help!


    All the best,

    Jon Bard

    * Managing Editor, Children's Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children's Writers

    * Fightin' Bookworm in Chief, The CBI Clubhouse -- The Essential Children's Writing Resource. Visit http://cbiclubhouse.com and Come Join the Fightin' Bookworms!

  3. TWO absolute "MUSTS" are:
    1) The Children's Writer (childrenswriter.com)
    2) The Children's Book Insider (write4kids.com)

    These publications keep up with trends, which publishers are still open to unsolicited submissions, and LOTS of good how-to articles.
    I also recommend the SCBWI
    Sheryl (o;

  4. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for coming by and for your encouragement.
    And you better believe we are working on it!!
    Just getting a late start as my fella was in Mexico for a week.

    Barbara Jean

  5. Thanks for all the good information everybody :-)

  6. Janet,

    My favorite is Writer's Digest. I've learned a lot from that magazine. Wish I could afford to subscribe to all of them.


  7. Hi Janet! Thanks for visiting my blog. Children's Writer is a great resource, as is the SCBWI Bulletin. I enjoyed reading your blog, and I'll come back to visit.


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