Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Am Not Alone

I just posted about my latest rejection letter.

Well, I am not alone. After a little internet research, I found out the following:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach received 18 rejections.

Chicken Soup for the Soul received a total of 140 rejections.

Dubliners by James Joyce received 22 rejections.

Carrie by Stephen King received 30 rejections.
He then threw it in the trash.
His wife, Tabitha, fished it out.
He sent his story around again and it was eventually published.

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell received 38 rejections.

A Wrinkle In Time received 29 rejections.

Dr Seuss books received 15 rejections.

Looks like I'm in pretty good company, so I think I'll keep mailing my stories out.


  1. I keep clicking back and rereading this post whenever I am on the way to getting discouraged.

  2. Janet,

    If I considered all of my rejections, I could probably wallpaper my house. Some people collect them. I never do unless they have positive comments on them.

    Our rejections join the best of the best. Many well known authors have received numerous rejections. We just have to move forward and keep on trying.

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm not following your blog.


  3. Hi Janet,

    A support system is so valuable. Thank you for sharing. Keep the keys clicking!


  4. Hi Janet (o; How wonderful it is to "meet" you! How did you every find my little blog? I LOVE your blog. Feels like we're talking across the table over tea or coffee (o; You certainly aren't alone in the rejection letter department. My first book was rejected 25 times then picked up by a major publisher. It took five years after my first send out before it was published. Right book, right time, right publisher. NEVER give up. While I waited I wrote like crazy for magazines and was eventually asked to be an assignment writer! Even did some work for hire. It helped me to grow as a writer. I could wallpaper a bathroom with my rejection letters! I'm still getting them BUT because like YOU, I don't give up! I'm still getting published. I believe Dr. Seuss received 27 rejections for "And to Think That it Happened on Mulberry Street"
    Please keep in touch and let me know when that wonderful day comes for you! By the way, I too have the Willow girl, "Wisdom". I think she's reading a How-to-write-for-children book (o;


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