Manuscripts I Have Written, but are not published:

 Amazing Miss Maizie -  (new and improved!) picture book (took second place in the 2015 West Virginia Writer's Contest)

Blackberry Picking With Grandma (revised many times, now titled, My Berry Good Adventure)- picture book

Duck and Cover - (my historical middle grade which takes place during the Cuba Missile Crisis. Main character is a 7th grade boy, dealing with the crisis while trying to get over the death of his father.) 34,000 word Middle Grade --- Took first place in 2015 West Virginia Writer's Contest   woo-hoo This one has been published!

Dudley the Dachshund - picture book

For Pete's Sake, Where's The Mustard - picture book
Fourth of July - picture book

Grasshoppers! - (took second place in the 2013 West Virginia Writer's Contest) Historical picture book about the grasshopper plague in the 1800s

Hum, Hum, Hummingbirds! - picture book

I Want To Spend The Day With You - Picture Book

Little Lucy - story suitable for magazine submission

Lily of Tupper's Hollow- Novella

MaMa Says - picture book
Margie's Monster - picture book
Max Needs Glasses - picture book
Messy Matthew - picture book
Mr McDuff Could Never Get Enough - picture book
Mustard Madness -

Ollie Belle Brewster - chapter book
Rising Sun - picture book

Rubie Mae - Novella
Run Betty Run - historical picture book about Betty Zane's run for ammunition during the War for Independence

The Handy Little A to Z Book on Writing - booklet on writing (available free on PDF)
The Family Secret - ( now has a new title, The Country Cousins Detective Agency) 24,000 word Middle Grade

The Lonely Little Christmas Tree - picture book

The Snoozing Forest - picture book (took second place in the 2014 West Virginia Writer's contest)

When Can We Fly? -picture book
Who Opened The Barn Door? - picture book

I have written our family history, titled "That's Okay, We'll Sit the Coffeepot on it."
(If you are a family member, you will recognize that saying)