I have copies of these books and I will autograph them and mail to you for the price listed on Amazon and 3.50 post and handling. Just email me and let me know if you want one. 

Unlike my other books (with the exception of the cookbook), this is a fictional novel for adults. I think this novel would be liked by young adults also. It is a short novel  (56,000 words) and takes place in 1908 Appalachia. I hope you enjoy it. I started this book in 2008, and I never gave up on it. Through the years I went back to it, edited and added to it until it is what it is today. The writing of this was a labor of love. 
If you like fiction about Appalachia in the early 1900s, I think you will enjoy it.
The novel Christy inspired me to write this book. 

Where the Stars Grant Wishes Kindle Edition
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Duck and Cover
MG Historical Fiction

This is a book based on a trickle of a memory I had from when I was about 8 years old. It takes place in West Virginia and has 4 main characters (ages 12 years old). It is about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Fun Through the Seasons
Recipes, Crafts and Fun Facts for Kids
Janet F. Smart
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It is over 150 pages of my Fun Facts for Kids column in Two-Lane Livin' Magazine. I've divided the book up into months of the year, added a few extra poems, recipes and stories and voila - a book your child will love and learn many fun facts along the way. I've put in challenges for the kids, including: making a genealogy family tree and time capsule, keeping a diary of a tree's life, writing a silly rhyming poem in honor of Dr. Seuss, writing a tongue twister, feeding the birds, studying snowflakes, and developing a hobby or collection. They will also learn how to make 'whop donuts!' There's something in the book for all ages of kids - even their parents. Little ones will enjoy having stories read to them and helping their parents with the recipes. 
A great gift for a child who loves to read, learn and have fun while doing it.

Fun Through the Seasons, Recipes, Crafts and Fun Facts for Kids Volume 2. This book was published in color, so the cost is a little more.

Available on Amazon.


Hum, Hum,Hummingbirds. A colorful 32 page picture book. Learn all kinds of facts about hummingbirds. I took pictures all summer long, and enjoyed watching and learning about these wonderful birds.  Available on Amazon.

 My Cookbook! Cooking with Family Recipes and Remembrances. Available on Amazon.

This book has sold better than any of my other books.

I have a story titled, The Old Santa Hat, in the following anthology.
It was published in the fall of 2009.

 I have had the following poems published in Holler.

I Am From Appalachia  - Winter 2010 Edition

Recipe For Warm Memories -  Winter 2011 Edition

If I Were a Month, If I Were a Season, Hillside Carpets - Spring 2011 Edition

Summer's Melody - Summer 2011 Edition