Below is a partial list of articles I have written for the monthly, regional magazine, Two-Lane Livin'.
I had a circulation of around 16,000 readers. My column was titled Fun Facts for Kids, and I did it for 8 years!

Early School Days

Hobbies and Collections

Summer Activities for Fun

Dr. Seuss and Children's Poetry

Favorite Books and Creative Bookmarks

A is for Apple

Winter Snow and Hot Cocoa

Snowmen and Snowballs

The Pony Express

A Mother's Special Day

A Father's Life

We All Scream for Ice Cream

February Blahs

Luck of the Irish

February Holidays

Snowflakes Falling

The Biggest Snowman

Turkey, Big and Round

The Pumpkin Patch

Popcorn and Pumpkins

Thanksgiving (Pumpkin Pie in a Ziploc baggie)

Collecting Memories

West Virginia - Celebrating 150 Years

West Virginia State Symbols

Magical and Amazing Monarchs

The Declaration of Independence

I had an article published in The Star News titled:  Artifact Hunting in Jackson County
I also had an article published in the Charleston Gazette titled : Try Vacationing in West Virginia--You'll Like It

I have had poems published in Holler, A Journal of Poetry and Prose

And, last but not least, I write the weekly column for the Ripley Senior Center for the county newspaper. I try to make it interesting to read and I must, because people are always telling me, "I read your column every week." That makes me feel good to know that people are actually reading it and liking it.