Saturday, March 5, 2022

50 Precious Words Contest 2022


Vivian Kirkfield is again having her 50 Precious Words Contest over on her blog.  

Click here to check it out. 

The goal is to write a story with a beginning, middle and an end in 50 words or less. Let me tell you it is harder than you might think. EVERY WORD IS PRECIOUS!

I was inspired by a wood duck box down by the creek on our property. I decided to shorten a manuscript I had written about wood ducks. My original manuscript was 251 words, not counting the Quack, Quack Fun Facts page at the end of the manuscript. I had to cut a lot of  my babies!

Here is my 50 word entry.


Mama wood duck

Laid her eggs – one by one

 in a box high on a pole.

She sat, scattered her down,

and kept them warm.

They hatched –

one by one.

The brave ducklings

 jumped out the next day –

one by one.

They landed below and

swam away – one by one.


I hope you enjoyed my 50 precious words!







  1. What a sweeet story, Janet. I love that you found a way to trim an existing manuscript - and I love that it is inspired by wood ducks you've observed. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks, Vivian. Wood ducks are amazing. The fact that they do indeed jump out the very next day after hatching from so high up shows how brave they are. I couldn't do it.


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