Sunday, October 31, 2021

The 11th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest

 Hello everyone. I hope you all enjoyed a happy and spoooooky Halloween!

This is my entry to the 11th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest. It is held every year over on Susanna Hill's Blog. Go over and check out the other entries.

Rules - It has to be 100 words or less, Halloweensie, geared toward kids, and contain the following three words - goodies, glow in the dark and goosebumps. (Glow in the dark counts as one word). You may use the words in any form i.e. glowed-in-the-dark, goosebumpley, goody (“Oh, goody!”, goody-two-shoes etc.)

I didn't think I was gonna enter this year. I just drew a blank. Does that ever happen to you? 

But yesterday morning I got a spark of an idea and started writing. After much editing, here is my humble 98-word result. Enjoy.



Ghostly, ghastly, goosebumps,

Big eared bats and spider filled stumps. 

Eek! What do I see?

Over in the pumpkin patch,

I just saw a goblin hatch

On this spooooooky Halloween!

It glows in the dark.

It looks like an aardvark—

And it’s running right towards me!

I scream and grab my goody sack

I fling it like a lumberjack.

My candy soars through the air!

When it hits him in the head,

He scowls at me; his face turns red.

He grunts, glares and growls!

He snatches one and takes a bite

Then to my shocked delight

He shouts, “Mmm, chocolate!”



I think chocolate will calm the soul of anyone, even a goblin. What do you think?

Wish me luck.




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