Tuesday, March 2, 2021

50 Precious Words Contest




It's that time of year again. Time for Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words Contest. 



The guidelines are easy-peasy. 

Write a story appropriate for kids ages 12 or under, that has a total word count of 50 or less.


 Some of you who write novels might find that hard to do. 

Some of you who write picture books might even find that hard to do. 

50 words is not very many words to tell a story. 

Each word is precious!


Here is my story:


                                FARMER FRED NEEDS A SCARECROW                                   

Sun is shining.

Corn is growing.

Crows are 

cawing, fussing, whooshing,

Pecking, munching, feasting!    

Farmer Fred frowns! 

With dingy dungarees and 



A scarecrow is born!

Sun is shining.

Corn is growing.

Crows are cawing, fussing, whooshing!

But they aren’t pecking, munching, feasting!

Farmer Fred smiles!

Hope you enjoyed my itsy-bitsy 50-word story.






  1. What a delightful story, Janet! This would make a great PB. What an interesting challenge. I write novels and short stories, so 50 words would be very difficult for me. I loved how much story you were able to get in so few words.

    1. thanks, Jenni. I like writing picture books and 50 words is even hard for me to do. I had to take a lot out of this little story to get the word count down.

  2. Your 50-word story is great. What a delightful story. This is a challenge that would take me some time to think about.
    Hope you're having a beautiful spring and will have a happy Easter!

  3. Wow, that was a terrific story! Thanks for such a good example of how to tell a 50-word story.

  4. Hi Janet,
    just checking to see if you had a lot of snow and how you are doing. I hope you are getting a lot of writing done this winter.


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