Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday Contest

OMG!  I've got to think fast.

Until about two hours ago I forgot about the Ho! Ho! Ho! 9th Annual Holiday Contest over on Susanna Leonard Hill's Blog. Click here to read all the entries.

The deadline is 11:59 tonight to write and post a kid-friendly story under 250 words about a holiday treat.

Here is my last-minute 239 word entry. I hope you enjoy it.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Yum!

“Here come’s Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus!” sang Emma as she skipped into the kitchen.

She gathered sugar, sprinkles, flour, eggs, and everything else a good cookie needed to have in it.

 “I’m going to bake the best cookies ever,” Melvin Mouse heard her say as he shivered and glanced through the frosty window.

Emma baked all day and cleaned up her mess. Nothing was left for Melvin to eat—not a crumb!

She placed the cookies on a plate and quickly put them under the tree with a glass of piping hot cocoa.

“He’s sure to leave me lots of presents,” she said and then snuggled into bed.

Melvin Mouse saw his chance. He squeezed through the cracks in the wall and scurried toward the tree.

He ate and ate and ate, and then slumped onto the floor, sighed and rubbed his full belly. “What a treat,” he said. “I was so tired of eating berries and seeds.”

“But what if Santa doesn’t leave Emma any presents. It will be all my fault.”

He thought and thought and thought. “I know just what to do!”  

Melvin scurried outside to the forest. He borrowed from bunny’s stash and bounced back in a blink.

Down the chimney Santa slid. He shivered and brushed off the ice and snow. “Ho! Ho! Ho! Yum! 
What a good little girl. Hot cocoa for me and carrots for my reindeer. What tasty treats!”

  Merry Christmas everyone!


I am tickled to say that my story about Melvin Mouse and Emma received an honorable mention in the contest that had 134 entries! 

The judge said it was fun and kid-friendly with a delightfully conscientious mouse 🙂

Yeah for Melvin Mouse!