Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Create Your Own Book Weights

I'm a writer
I'm a reader
I'm a crafter.

I just finished a cookbook that I had been working on for what seems like years and had it published.

It doesn't have a spiral binding, so I needed something to hold the pages open when I'm cooking.

I looked up book weights, and I didn't like the leather ones I saw online, plus they were pretty expensive.

So I made my own. And I will show you how you can make them, too.

The template I used is 2 3/4" x 8 1/2". Cut this shape out of card stock or cardboard (you can cut up an empty cereal box).

 For each one, find pretty material and cut two pieces.
I also cut a 3" piece of grosgrain ribbon (that is the small pink strip you see sticking out from the material).

Put the two pieces together, printed sides facing each other, and the ribbon in-between, about half way down.

Fold the edges of one end down and sew together, keeping the end you folded down open.

Turn and iron.

Get a funnel and fill with bb's. I used 1/3 cup for each one. Of course, you could probably use rice or dried beans, but I prefer the bb's.

Sew by hand (or machine, if you wish) the open end.

Voila! Aren't they pretty?

Of course, you only need one for each book.

Great for cookbooks, craft books or any book.

And while you are here, go here to check out my cookbook - Cooking with Family: Recipes and Remembrances.

You can click on the "see inside" feature to read the contents page.

Living up to my blog title, there are 7 blackberry recipes included in the book. I love blackberries!

In addition to over 120 recipes (old and new), I show you how to make aprons out of old blue jeans (that is the crafter coming out of me), read a few of my poems (Recipe for a Home, I am From Appalachia, Recipe for Warm Memories, and Grandma's Apron), use pages in the back to write down your own treasured recipes so they won't be forgotten, and read three pages of cooking tips and a page of food traditions and superstitions.

Do you have any book weights?

If not, make a few of these pretty ones.