Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting her 5th annual holiday contest.
Below is my entry. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Dancing around the Christmas gnome

At Santa’s North Pole home.

Ten lively little elves

Go running to and fro

While stacking games and toys

Out in the falling snow.

Eight reindeer prance and paw

So anxious to take flight

On their trip around the world

Under the bright moonlight.

But, where is old St. Nick?

He’s nowhere to be found.

The sleigh needs a driver

If it’s to leave the ground.

He’s not in the kitchen.

He’s not in the stalls.

He’s under the mistletoe

Kissing Mrs. Claus!

His chubby cheeks turn red

As Rudolph’s big red nose.

He grabs his hat and boots

And out the door he goes.

He jumps into his sleigh

And grips the reigns real tight.

He waves to all the elves

And flies off at midnight.

Little kids lie in bed

But cannot sleep that night.

They wait up for Santa

With eyes so big and bright.

While sneaking down the stairs

They hear a “ho, ho, ho!”

And spy Mom and Santa

Under the mistletoe!